The following testimonials come from some of my past clients who have done me the great honor of contributing to my website by providing information as to how I have helped them overcome their particular difficulties. Please bear in mind that the results shown here may not be identical in each case. In order to protect clients' privacy, I am not quoting any full names unless they approve. I used the JOImethod with each of these clients below - whether over the phone, in my office or in their home (house call).

To read full recommendation letters - in regard to John's services - from members of the medical community, click here.


"I suffered from agoraphobia for 3 years and there were times when I was totally housebound. When I met you I started to improve and to enjoy myself more outside. The panic attacks and anxiety faded away and are almost gone for good; you have taught me how to control my emotions and overcome them and that the anxiety and panic attacks are all imagination, keeping you away from the real world. There is still some work to do to be 100% cured but it takes time and the more I'll be out of the house the more I want to stay out now. I couldn?t have done it without your help. I want to start 2010 as the new me and leave the old one in 2009 next year. I want to focus more on performing, meetings, interviews, social activities, etc. For an agoraphobic person I think I made huge steps these last four weeks. I am going out everyday and enjoying it. Thanks for all your professional work. I'm starting to live again."

Randolph Azzopardi, Malta



"I have definitely noticed a significant improvement in my allergies today, to my genuine surprise. I would say they are 95% gone. No itchy, watery eyes at all, very little stuffiness, and only a handful of sneezes throughout the day. After my nightly walk there was just the barest trace of asthma-like symptoms. This is similar to what I was experiencing for that month I was free of symptoms between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Today was Day 2 with virtually no allergy symptoms. I've had no itchy, watery eyes or asthma symptoms, but I've still been getting a little bit of that tickle in the nose and times during the day when my nasal passages get stuffy. I think we should focus on the nose next time.?

Sue, California/Phone Sessions

Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks

"Today I signed the contract and got the keys for my new apartment. I really hope all will be ok. I was trying to negotiate about new bed mattress and microwave oven, I do hope to get them within a month. So this Thursday I am moving into my new apartment, also on Thursday in the morning I have a job interview...Pretty hectic week but I am looking forward to moving! Yesterday I went to a meeting I didn't intend to go to but I met my friend for a coffee in the morning and we decided to pass by...(at 3pm) and ended up staying until 8pm...I really had a great time, I enjoyed a lot and I didnt feel panicky. Only in the moment when I was at home and alone I felt the fear building up, but it passed. But all in all I felt like some teenager who has been allowed for the first time to go out and have fun:D I was talking to different people and chatting and laughing!"

Dorsey, Malta

Anxiety/Depression/Suicidal thoughts

"Tks so much for today. The first time in ages since Iv'e seen my daughter smile!"

Lisa Malta


"John, you are a very gifted and talented person. One could argue that God is actually working through you to help save souls. I do believe that God will continue to use you to do great things as long as you always remain true & authentic (top of your craft). The work you do is both relevant and necessary. "

Shawna - Toronto, Canada/Phone Sessions

"Hi, so far I can say I'm calm and through your statements, I'm keeping calm and relaxed - I'm balancing my time...Thank you so much!"

Cheryl Malta

"John truly listens to what's troubling you taking the time to ask all the right questions and really trying to understand. In this dizzyingly fast world we live in that is so rare..... John really understands the human psyche and will amaze you with the precision of how he hit the nail on the head when you start telling him about yourself. The moment you open up to him he will start hitting you with issues you probably never realized were actually bringing you down and not letting you live your life to the full. John is a HEALER in every sense of the word."

Pat Azzopardi, 37 years old Malta/Phone Sessions

"Thanks to John Owens, after a few sessions of hypnotherapy, I feel much better. John helped me to relax while being under stress and to do self-hypnosis when need be."

Simon, Malta

"I have worked with John for several months now. He is very Intelligent, trustworthy and reliable to his clients. I'm very satisfied with my results and don't mind hiring him again. He is professional and always well prepared. If you're looking to achieve the results you wish, the best thing is to contact him :-)"

Randy, Malta

"Sorry for the long time to give you feedback. After the session we had together I also purchased the audio from your website and I started listening to it. I did about 3 sessions listening and amazingly I felt better and am slowly learning not to think negative. I do sometimes have days in which I am stressed and worries start resurfacing but I am trying to use the breathing technique and also to think positive in order to release the stress. Thanks for your help. "

Tim, Malta

Anxiety/Fear/Career Coaching

"I feel very good and even my daughter as well. I will bring her before the exams in 4 weeks time. She really changed thanks to you."

Jeanine, Malta

Anxiety/Fear of Flying

A major achievement!

"I must admit that I was both totally ignorant about hynotherapy as well as having been skeptical about it. But from desperation about not being able to get airborne because it caused such distress to my wife we decided to visit John Owens. We had last flown 24 years ago and every time Henriette was mentally and physically distressed before, during and between flights. We gave John Owens short notice as we wanted to attend a family wedding in Yorkshire, England just three weeks later. Following a couple of what appeared to be simple sessions Henriette had already stopped worrying about the prospect of flying out to the UK. Sure enough when the day arrived she packed her cases with a smile on her face, boarded the aircraft and off we went. At no time during the trip did she mention any anxiety about the return flght. To be noted that the landing of the outgoing flight was quite dramatic because there was a gale crosswind at Manchester airport! I congratulate John, give full credit to hypnosis and I am also tempted to say that it verges on the miraculous!"

Mark Malta

Anxiety/Depression/Fear/Panic Attacks/Weight Loss

"As for my own progress, I have noticed that the exercises we used to do seem to be paying off. I feel that I have been transformed in a significant way. I now believe more than ever that I will be able to fulfill my dreams and goals. I am still taking long walks with the dog, which really helps with not just my weight but with my confidence level and general sense of self. I am actually in the process of creating a home studio in the spare bedroom of the house, which has been fun and exciting for me. I have finished painting the walls and will soon be hanging paintings and working on some new ones soon. I want to take my art to another level and I also have some ideas that I can't wait to put on canvas. Needless to say, the past year has been one of great change for me. I am more enthusiastic about my future than I have been in a while, and I have to say that losing weight has had the most significant effect on my 'recovery'. I feel as though I have removed layers of insecurity and other negative phobias as I have shed the weight. I almost have a sense of having a newly renovated soul, able to narrow down my goals to suit the direction that my life is going in. I want to write a book to help people to become 'unstuck' and live fulfilling lives free from depression, pain and despair. While I am still a work in progress, I feel that my calling for the second half of my life is in therapy (I will come up with my own method, inspired by my mentor John Owens' JOI method, only mine will focus on change from the outside in through physical exercise, painting and other activities. I plan on having a lovely office and studio that looks out onto a Japanese garden in the back. Of course, I will have to figure out just how to pay for all that when the time comes. My main goal for now is to market my art more effectively and do more shows, just start. Writing my self help book (I already have 2 possible titles) and maybe try things that I have been putting on the back burner because of my various issues."

Melissa, Atlanta

Anxiety/Fear/Negative Influences

"John is highly Recommended!! I tried it out and since then I've been like out of this world, super relaxed, was great to switch off.


Karin, Malta


"I feel good! I have been mega busy but am now finding time for myself. Yes indeed, your work put me on the right track!"

Kathy, Malta


"Hi John, saw you on TV today, you were talking about sleep...You said it is not good to read at night (because the mind has to process the words instead of resting), well you are right there. I really want to get better and better, and with your help I am on the right path to a New Me. I had so much anger that I could not sleep like normal people, but now I am already sleeping and it feels great. I am so happy that at last I (YOU I mean) :-) can deal with my sleeping problems. Though I am a very very strong person, I know I was falling little by little in a depressive state, (and I could not help myself anymore). I was willing to bear it to the end on this earth as I had given up on all hope of ever sleeping again and I lost all faith in medicines and pills which made my condition worse. I can NOW cope with the day's stress quite easily. What I have been missing all these years! You came in the right time and moment in my life when I nearly was going nuts, I could not control any more the creative thoughts which where shooting in my head like arrows, had too much of them, like all wanting to say to me .... listen to what I have to tell you, I am the best.

Julie, Malta

"Hi John, I'm sleeping well and I have learnt alot from you during our brief sessions. May I add that your style, manners and warm welcome instilled in me a sense of tranquility"

Karl, Malta


"I know it sounds premature, but yesterday's session helped me so much to control my facial ticks. I spent the rest of the day cooking with friends, and drinking wine and chatting and I didnt have the urge, at all!!!!! It was so peaceful and I felt so normal! The nose tick disappeared completely. Every now and again, I did the eye thing, but not as often. I myself can't find an explanation for this as it's only been one session! But I'm more than glad that it's the case. Thank you and I'll see you on Monday!"

Ruth, Atlanta

Bladder Control

"Before I went through hypnotherapy with John, I used to go to the restroom every 10 minutes or so. My restroom visits were so frequent, it came to a point where I couldn't ever enjoy myself anywhere. When I went to restaurants for dinners with my family, I would go as soon as I get there, and then go again at least 2 or more times during the meal, and then again before we left the restaurant. At night, I would constantly wake up because I felt the need to go to the bathroom. On family trips, I also had to stop at all of the rest areas and the service stations and the restaurants in between to use the restroom. It was driving me crazy!

At one point I decided that this had to stop, so I decided to try hypnosis. I had heard about it from some friends of mine and was quite skeptical - but I thought I had nothing to lose by trying. After meeting John and going through hypnosis, I have been on long trips - and to my joy, I have gone up to 4 or 5 hours without using the restroom or even thinking about it! Now I can go through the night without waking up and I am finally able to enjoy dinner with my family without any interruptions."

B., 62 years old

Career Advice

"I am a 19 year old college student and a year ago I was majoring in mathematics when I met John. I was always pretty good at math, but at that point in my life I was simply bored with it to say the least. It wasn't giving me the challenge that I wanted. I made an appointment with John, hoping to find some direction. I liked that he is so approachable and down-to-earth! The first thing I did as we sat down was to complete a personality profile that John designed himself. From the results, I saw that mathematics was one of the careers that I was geared for. I told him that I was already in the field but wanted something more challenging, so John told me to looked at the alternatives. When I saw that investigative journalism was one of the careers that would be great for my type of personality, I was shocked because I have always admired people who chose this line of work. I knew it wouldn't be a hard decision to change my major. I have now made the change and I am so much happier with myself for doing it. Thank you, John!"

T., 19 years old


"Not only have sessions with John changed my life but he has become a friend as well. I was going through a rough time last year when I decided to try hypnosis with John after testing out other providers. John is patient, open-minded, and really listens to you and offers helpful advice. I came with my list of all the things that I wanted in my life and I got almost everything that I wanted! It really works. I have surpassed and exceeded all the goals that I set for myself. Give John a try. It will change your life!!"

Jane, 29 years old, Atlanta

"When I met John, I was at a point in my life from which I didn't feel there was any return. I lost my job not two months after purchasing my first home, and was simultaneously battling health problems and devastating fights in my romantic relationship. There are no words to describe the despair, loneliness, and fiery anger that filled my days and kept me from sleeping at night. Although I was skeptical of hypnotherapy at first, John's patient approach and openness to questions quickly assuaged my fears. He explains, gives examples, and is always eager for feedback in effort to refine the ways in which he addresses our sessions. I believe John can effect positive change in any area, producing results in categories that run the gamut of any goals you may have. I am working again, sleeping better, and laughing with my sweetheart instead of engaging in violent arguments. I still have lots of work to do, and will continue to work with John for the foreseeable future."

Jess, Atlanta

Confidence/Fear/Public Speaking/Relationships

"I am feeling better. I feel more encouraged to do the things I was afraid of before."

Mindy, Malta

Deprogramming Abuse

"My sessions with John started when it was brought to my attention that I had lost control over myself and my life. My confidence in my professional life unfortunately did not spill or reflect in my personal life. I felt lost and depressed. My attitude was constantly bad and negative and I would snap at my family for no reason. I was having huge and frequent emotional outbursts. I was straying from my husband and loved ones. I lost my pride, my sense of self, the values I grew up with. I had affairs and spent my time talking to countless men on the internet. It seemed like I was living in a different, fantasy world and I was a different person, completely detached from reality. When the men started calling my cell phone and my husband realized what was going on, it was like a harsh wake up call. I didn't even think about the danger I could have placed myself and my family in. I came so close to losing it all - family, marriage, even career and life. I almost threw away everything that mattered. Nothing had meaning any more and I didn't care. For the sake of myself and my family, I had to take my control back so I could get my life on track.

I had 6 sessions with John. We tackled the issue of my emotional, mental and physical abuse as a child between the ages of 0 and 7, all those issues that were rooted deep inside myself, and it all started making sense. I had to let go of all those ugly feelings and turn over a new leaf in my head. It was the hardest thing of all to face what I had done to myself and others. Today I feel reborn. I finally recognize myself, the real me, and I feel so blessed and so very lucky that I was given a second chance to put together the pieces and move on to a better life with my loved ones."

Angela W., 35 years old - Atlanta, GA

Depogramming / Infertility / Weight Loss

"I would like to take this time to express my heartfelt thanks to John Owens for his selfless ness and professionalism in helping me to be a better person.

I met John thru a dear friend of mine as he came highly recommended as a therapist/hypnotist. I originally approached John with the question of Subliminal Messages thru the brain. I desperately wanted to have the gastric bypass surgery but found I was facing another major surgery and could not afford to have both. So my question to John was, couldn't we train my brain to think I had the gastric bypass surgery? His response was very encouraging and I became very excited. John, being the professional he is did say yes, we could do this but in order for any suggestion or surgery to work you have to know why you eat the way you do in order to break the cycle of overeating. I was able to talk to John on a daily basis, any question or concern I had was answered immediately with a response. I never once felt like he was saying what I wanted to hear, he was open & honest and that led me to do the same. Actually I was more truthful to him than I had been in my entire life. There was a time that I had to be brutally honest & I will not lie, it was rough & painful, but he helped me thru it, he talked to me daily, several times a day if I needed it. He made me dig into my past and he helped me to see that the things that happened to me as a child were not my fault. I was a child, and I had no control. I have since found out why I have behaved and reacted to people the way I did/do my entire life. Now that I know why I behaved as I did I have the power to break that cycle, and knowing is half the battle. He pointed something out to me that I had never even considered, it was my body language. He referred to open or closed posture. And I have become more aware of my body language. Most importantly, he has taught me to forgive and love myself.

I was skeptical about how my husband would receive the treatment and I was going to leave him out of it, but John was adamant about him facing every step with me and I was relieved to find out that he was behind me all the way and my new clarity, understanding and forgiveness has brought us closer as a couple.

John's approach was several sessions of hypnosis. Each time he took me under with deep breathing, which is very important and would project positive thoughts about letting go of the past, making conscious efforts to exercise by increasing my metabolism and to eat small portions of healthy foods. He also gave me a projected goal to visualize and daily affirmations I was to repeat. Almost like magic I lost 5 lbs. John is a firm believer that the scale is a hindrance instead of a support, so the scale went in the closet, and I only know I have lost an additional 4 lbs because I went to the doctor, not to mention that my clothes are fitting looser.

See, I am completely convinced that thru positive thought and deep breathing I have reached complete and utter peace within myself. And I have been told that positive thought and positive attitude brings about positive action. Well, like I said I was facing a major surgery, and that was a hysterectomy. After ten years of hearing the doctor tell me that I would never conceive another child I had come to terms with that fact. We were blessed with a daughter 15 years ago and she is the light of our life, but I am a nurture and I so naturally I wanted another child. On July 13th I was on the operating table just about to receive my IV to go to sleep when the doctor says that we need to postpone the surgery due to my pregnancy test coming back positive. You could not imagine the shock and joy that went thru me. I truly believe that along with this being a gift from God, this is also the result of positive living. Once I let go of all the shame, guilt, hate, hurt and negativity I was cleansed and like I said at complete peace. Something I had never felt before but I was able to recognize it for what it was because I no longer faced each day with pain and sorrow but joy and happiness. I am 38 years old and that's a lot of wasted living.

I was abused as a child, actually it was my earliest memory and it lasted until I was in my early teens. I can not express to you the hell I put myself through. Even though I have only known John a short time, I feel as though we have traveled a lifetime together. There are not words to express my gratitude to him for what he was able to give to me, myself. I am a better wife and mother thanks to John and most of all I am a better person.

If anyone out there is reading this and having doubts about what this man can help you accomplish, please just ask him for my e-mail and I would be happy to talk to you personally. There is nothing like the feeling of actually being happy to wake up and face another day. John, I will forever be in your debt."

R. S., 38 years old - Texas/Phone Sessions


John, I am doing really well! I am doing 3 classes a week of yoga and going out on weekends making new friends. Because of the depression, I haven?t had this motivation to go to yoga and go out in four years! Many people think hypnosis is a one-time thing but as you said it is a journey of self discovery. Your life coaching really helped me the most to see how I was beating up on myself. I have never felt this good in my life, no exaggeration!'

Denise, Gozo, Malta

"Thank you John! I miss our sessions. They helped me through the most dificult time of my life."

Dennis, Atlanta

"John I am doing great and I am so happy. So many thoughts went off from my mind. I am no longer suicidal but I just want to live life as life is beautiful and there is no way that I will let someone else take it or my joy, my happiness, or what I have achieved till now, away. I will still come for a session, even if this has to be once or twice a month. No way I will let it remain like this. It has already improved, but it has to become what it should 'normally' be. You see John...your therapy has made my mind think in a different way! Had I been the other Maria, I would not have been able to cope in this situation and I would be shattered and feeling a victim at the moment.:) John, you make miracles! "

Maria, Malta

"Hello John, I just wanted to tell you that I haven't checked in only because I haven't had a chance. I'm doing really well, don't worry. I have lots and lots to share with you. Thanks for your amazing e-mail yesterday. When I read it I did feel there was a sense of having reached a milestone on the journey this weekend. Thanks for cheering me on. This weekend was remarkable in the sense that it was probably the first one without major (or even minor, really) meltdowns, for a very long time.

I wanted to tell you that the practice of visualising Old Me., and New Me and making a clear distinction between them is really working! I must admit that at first it felt a bit forced, but now it's easier to deal with Old M once I've visualised her in terms of a rather miserable, annoying child who needs to be treated with kid gloves and a lot of gentle persuasion. It's less confusing and frustrating for me to see her as a part of me that arose due to circumstances, nurture and habit, and after understanding and acknowledging her, try to gently persuade her that she's no longer needed. I'm sure she won't give up trying to return every day for quite a while yet, and she may even win once in a while but it's great to at least recognize her when she appears!

I've tried a slightly different approach these last few days, just as an experiment. I really was too busy to write properly up to Friday, but then I decided to wait to write to you till today after getting through Friday and Saturday (they were mostly ok but I did encounter some of the usual minefields). I wanted to do a 'general report' just to see if I could focus on the bigger picture rather than get bogged down by details of why I felt sad at such and such a time, etc. etc. I thought maybe it might help if I focused on the wider perspective of the whole week.

Now I have to seriously make some positive changes in setting some time apart every day to read beautiful inspiring books. Even just 30 minutes. I'm finally ready for them.

I think I've said quite enough for today :-) But I'm glad I waited in a way, because I could focus more on the positives because I got through the negatives on my own. I forgot to tell you above, that when I write in my notebook before bed, I've re-titled it 'today I'm grateful for....' because it seems to work better than the previous heading of 'positive things'. Don't ask me why, it just does :-) This way I can get away with including even seemingly trivial things like 'delicious lunch'. It all adds up :-)

Thanks so much for being there for me. I feel like my life really made a turnaround when I made the step to contact you."

Mary, Malta


After viewing John's advert in the Malta times, I was skeptical (for obvious reasons) to try hypnotism as a solution to my recreational drug use (cocaine) that I had to stop due to health reasons. After the first session I went out and got drunk with friends who all use cocaine and were using them on this particular night, the thought of joining them did not even cross my mind! It has been effortless for me to stop taking cocaine, John has now hypnotized other areas of my life including alcohol reduction and amending my diet, so far this has all worked... thanks John!

Michael, Malta

Eating Disorder

"The doctors tried to talk to her and ensured us that there is nothing wrong physically, the problem is she is afraid to eat. They gave her medicine to be much more calm but at the moment it was for nothing. We just got back, and with your help, Kathy has made progress. She is eating slowly but she is eating. And yes, she started on solids not just fluids."

Kathy, Malta


"I found John's website and in a few phone calls he taught me a technique to keep me focused on my real goals. I found it very useful. I am a musician and teacher and I try to surround myself with inspiring people. John is a very positive guy and I believe will inspire a lot of people with his approach. He is down to earth and gets to the point quickly. Thanks again John!"

James, Astoria New York/Phone Sessions

"After my session with you I have been working out at the gym almost every day. My body has changed remarkably and I have been gaining several pounds of muscle. I am able to picture my goals and attain them!

Also, I just met with the biggest agent in Las Vegas yesterday and we are going to start working together on a project for a show. Things are coming together in my life at an amazing rate and I feel like I am really on track.

One thing I didn't expect because it wasn't really one of my goals with you is that I have stopped smoking pot. I don't consider pot to be a bad thing per se but I am really glad to have hypnotism take me to the same place without the other side effects that do get in the way.

I would like the whole world to discover hypnotism. Thanks for getting me started"

Peter - Las Vegas, NV/Phone Sessions

Gestational Diabetes

"A couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I didn't know anything about it because I never was a diabetic, and these problems came to be around my 30th week of pregnancy. I went to hospital for three days of tests and monitoring. I had to make changes in my diet and testing was every 4 hours. At first I had a 9.5 reading, which means significantly high blood sugar and borderline gestational diabetes (full-blown is 10+). Then the next day it went down a bit, but still high. Anything above a 6 reading is to be considered abnormal or risky. When I started using John's guided imagery techniques, though, I went from a 7.4 reading to 5.3 and then further down to 4.8 and 4.5 within 24 hours. I have now learned to control my blood sugar level with both my dietary decisions and my mind, and I am certain that my baby is doing well."

Natalie - Malta

High Blood Pressure

"I have had high blood pressure most of my adult life. In July of 2003 I was diagnosed with a blood pressure level of 220/ 150. If you know anything about blood pressure, you would know that this is extremely high (normal blood pressure is 120/80). I was sent to the hospital because I felt sick from it and couldn't function normally. My doctor tried different medicines to help lower it. The last time I was in hospital, I stayed overnight, until my blood pressure finally came down to around 160 over 98.

I had heard about hypnosis but was unsure that it could do anything to help me in my situation, but at this point, I was desperate, so I called John. He said that hypnosis would help me change my bad habits into good ones, and that my blood pressure would go down. Some time after the session, I suddenly felt the urge to start exercising and eat healthier. About 3 weeks later, I saw that my blood pressure was around 160/103. The following week it was around 143/98. Then just the other day I had it checked and it was 129 over 88. I couldn't believe it!"

C., 59 years old

Hypnotherapy and Coaching

"I lost my job in 2006 and didn't know what to do. I was on unemployment, trying to find another job but that's not what I really wanted. All my life I dreamed of being a freelance writer. I had a few sessions with John. I wanted to become more aggressive about a writing career. After the hypnotherapy, I could feel my motivation increase. I decided that as I had so much time on my hands, I may as well start writing a book. I finished it a short novel in one month! Less than 2 months later, I found out I was getting a book deal! I'm certain I could never have pushed myself to do this if it weren't for John's help. Sometimes I feel I have wasted so much time thinking about it and never got the guts to reach for it! So I'll always be grateful to John for giving me my dream back and getting me to forget my fears....thank you John!"

Paula, 35 years old - Atlanta, GA


"About 8 months ago I decided to undergo hypnosis after unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for over two years. The doctors couldn't find anything physically wrong with me, but I somehow was convinced there was. Many women I spoke to had had problems and most of those women couldn't conceive. I was about to give up hope altogether. Then one day I started sessions with John. Within short months I got pregnant, and I couldn't believe how the mind can affect even a woman's fertility. My thoughts and the related stress had been preventing me from functioning naturally... but it took only a few sessions to unravel the issue and move on. This has allowed me to gain what I see as life's most precious gift."

Joan, Attorney - Atlanta, GA

Life Coaching/Motivation

"When I first started with John, I was very unsure of my direction and how to get started and in which direction to go in. As time went on with John's hypnotherapy, I began to realize that I do have direction and options and the ability to be programmed and or reprogrammed to stay on course with my vision of how I view myself. John's techniques have helped me in having direction with my life in ways only you would need to experience to understand. I highly recommend his approach to getting started with your life and or following through on it!"

Harvey D. Ward, Personal Trainer - Atlanta, GA

Life Coaching / Phone Hypnosis

"With just one session, followed by a few emails, John has helped me get my life back on track. I have to keep reminding myself of what he said to me, but it's helped me to feel better about myself, remember my accomplishments, move towards my goals, and be more comfortable in my skin."

Erin McRaven, 32 years old - Athens, GA


"Thanks so much for being there for me and putting things in a better perspective. You have helped me tremendously...keep on your own path. What you do DOES make a difference in peoples lives."

K. - Baltimore, MD

Motivation/ Goal Setting/ Stress

"I've been in Jamaica for the last two years working online for a US company as a mathematican. I often think about my sessions with you b/c I also wanted to develop and express the right-side of my brain and now it has happened - I'm also building a naturopathic practice here in JA. My parents live on the other side of the island so I see them often."

Dr. Gina Robinson, Atlanta, GA/Jamaica

"Before any more time goes by, I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for having received such excellent care from your hypnotherapy and success coaching services. Although I had no prior experience with hypnotherapy in the past, your approach made me feel immediately at ease. I was comfortable throughout our entire sessions as I felt totally in control of my mind and body. In fact, my sessions have helped me gain more focus, insight and confidence in dealing with day to day and stressful situations. Since visiting with you, I have been able to achieve a much higher level of personal and professional success. Instead of steps, I have taken leaps toward my long term goals with a surety I had never felt before. Thank you for helping me stay in the 'the zone'."

Dr. Christopher D. Scoma, Chiropractic - Atlanta, GA

Obsessive Compulsive Behavior

"Yes what we do together is very helpful to me. They actually come to my mind in moments of distress and panic and I try to practice what I have learned. The deep breathing is a survival kit :-). I plan to have fun in Austraila and will tell you all about it. As long as I know I have someone like you to edge me on I am fine. I thank you John."

Irene, Malta

Obsessive Thoughts

"I'm thinking back to what to what you said, I went out and bought some green tea and I'm listening to calming music. I'm taking your advice to heart and thinking back on how you told me to build those new "happy" neuropathways. That does make sense. You are a smart man John, you helped me more than you might have thought, you're an excellent life coach. I already know you're a better therapist. You're better than a regular counselor. You really inspire and motivate!"

Jody, Florida/Phone Sessions

"After only one session of phone hypnosis with John, I feel that it's a feeling of well being that I will strive to maintain in my everyday life. I'm certainly looking forward to a second session. Keep up the good work John. Regards and thanks again."

Antoinette - Malta, Europe/Phone Sessions


"I have always suffered from mood swings right before and during my menstruation. These moods were so bad that I would cry for no reason, wouldn't want to be with my friends nor want to talk with my husband. He and I would fight over petty things, and sometimes not talk to each other for days. I felt I couldn't take it any more and really needed to do something about it. A close friend of mine told me about an herb she was using called Evening Primrose. She said it helped her and she drank the tea almost every day. She also took pills. I never quite brought myself to go out and get it - I also knew I didn't want to take any more pills. But I knew I had to do something because as I got older, it appeared that my moods were getting worse.

I met John and he said he could help me with this problem naturally, through hypnosis. Of course, I didn't believe it at the time but I was at wit's end. After my hypnosis session, I was amazed at how my moods changed. I have stopped crying and being depressed all the time and I keep myself active with positive things, such as reading, exercising, or going shopping! If I feel a wave of sadness come over me, I make sure to nip it in the bud with more positive and uplifting thoughts."

P., 35 years old

Self-Confidence and Motivation

"When I met John, I had been in therapy three times a week for 5 years. I told John about my problems and how therapy was so intense that I always left feeling emotionally drained. I was made to remember old buried memories that I had long forgotten. All I wanted was to be able to feel more confident about myself and have a positive attitude about life, make my life worthwhile. He told me that he would work with me and help me build my confidence and assertiveness skills and he would also teach me how to stay positive when I am around negative people and especially during bad times. Today, I feel free of the old me, I took up art lessons and started playing the piano again. I like to go out and do things for myself. I feel like a new person, with a strong and positive attitude on life!"

D., 45 years old

"I was impressed with my hypnotherapy session with John. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease about the entire process. His unique method for inducing the hypnotic state was surprisingly effective. I wasn't sure it would work, but, in fact, it worked perfectly. I recommend hypnotherapy in general, and John in particular, to my friends and co-workers."

Don McCullough, Internet Marketing Specialist, Atlanta, GA

"When I retired from my teaching job, I was yearning to buy a car and start driving but was afraid to go back to driving after 20 years. I just did not feel comfortable about it and the thought scared me. For all this time I depended on my husband to drive me from one place to another. While on holiday in Atlanta visiting my daughter I met John and had a few sessions with him. Now here I am back home driving around in my new Smart car! Thanks for the help, John."

Yvonne Borg Salnitro, 60 years old/Phone Sessions

Sex Addiction

"I recommend Mr. Owens to anybody. At first I was scared of the idea of attending Hypnotherapy since it was quite soemthing unkown to me. However being a slave for a long time to a sexual addiction I decided to give it a try. John asked me always the right questions and it was easy to identify that my main problem was coming from a child psychological abuse and lack of self esteem. This in fact had led up to a breakup with a girl friend I had loved for a long time. John helped me gain back self esteem, love for myself and get rid of my sexual addiction. With this I even started a new relationship with a wonderful woman. Since I met John my life has indeed changed in the dream I have always wanted it to be. Thanks John."

Kyle, Malta


"Hi this is Dario the footballer. I just want to say thank you because I had my trial today and played with total confidence. I was injured before the match and still was one of the best players. Thank you!"

Dario, Malta

"The Gold Coast Marathon is over, and I am pleased to report that your recommendations (plus whatever else I did) re my injured left foot worked. During the last week before the race (6th July 2008) I concentrated fully on the exercises and the race, and the action paid off. I managed not only to finish the race, but ran the full distance, and improved my last year's time by five minutes. Thanks!"

Karel, Australia

"Hi John, I took part of the 5km race. I placed second female and did one of the best times I ever did :-)"

"Hi again John, It seems like you can forsee things! Did a race in Sicily last week. I placed 1st in my category and 2nd over all! I graduated the end of Novemeber and saw a small increase in my wage. I am doing 3 jobs plus training but coping! I am getting well known for my business and clients are calling incessantly. I got all December booked up till mid January!"

"Hello John, things just seem to keep getting better. I would like to report something else that just happened in my life. I had my first ever Small States of Europe competition in Cyprus - the Triatholon event - and I came in fourth place!!

Marica, Malta

Surgery (PRE)

"John, I'm seeing a little double right now but , had the surgery. i can not believe I was relaxed and comfortable. I kept remembering to just give them a shell, i was in Florida [mentally] for the most part. I really do need you again soon, to work on the other things. I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me. I will see you soon."

Dr. William - Atlanta, GA

Killing the "Sweet Tooth" (Craving for sweets)

"Hi John,
I so enjoyed our session yesterday. You are great, very passionate about what you do and great at it. You were a fantastic introduction/first experience to hypnotherapy and I look forward to integrating it into my life regularly. I also really appreciated you coming to get me when I was lost and taking that extra time with me. I will recommend you to anyone in the area who is interested in hypnotherapy. I'll keep you posted on things and I'll drop you a line when in the area. Also, yesterday I had no sweets nor today, I just had zero desire for them. Very weird. I have also been saying my affirmations regularly."

Sandy, San Diego

Weight Loss

"I have tried many different weight loss plans on the market. You name it, I've done it -from liquid diets to the cabbage soup diet to South Beach to simple starvation. I would almost always lose about 10lbs the first couple of weeks and that was it - I couldn't go any further. I would lose all my motivation. My metabolism was in terrible shape that nothing I could do would allow me to lose weight the way I wanted to - even if I ate absolutely nothing for a whole day.

When I met John, he showed me how my focus was in the wrong place. He educated me on lifestyle change and the importance of drinking water, eat healthy, doing exercise (like stretching, walking and strength training), and increasing the metabolism. He told me that I needed to stop thinking so much about losing weight, and focus more on becoming a stronger, healthier person. After the hypnosis session, I found myself feeling more motivated. I started watching my calories by eating smaller portions, and even joined a gym. If I go a day without my exercise, I feel bad about myself. I feel I have to make up for it the next day. My body shape has changed and I feel so much fitter. I went from a size 16/18 to a size 14 in clothes, and when I look in the mirror I like what I see!"

A., 32 years old

"Hey John, Thank you for what you have done. I still remember the colour red thing. Am doing well on the whole cut down on the binging quite a bit and exercising regularly. If in the future I would need a bit of a pick me up I will give you a call and come for a session again :-). Thank you once again and I hope you are enjoying your summer."

Alison Gatt, Malta