What is the JOImethodTM ?

A message from John Owens?

Milton Erickson once said something to the affect that each hypnotist has his or her own style of hypnotizing. "What I do works for me," he said.

The JOImethodTM came about because I have tried many types of induction techniques - some worked for me and others did not. Even the ones that worked for me, however, felt in varying degrees awkward and robotic.

With this in mind, I sought to develop my own induction technique. One that was not only comfortable for me but was relaxing for my clients; and at the same time one that took into consideration my clients' busy lives. In other words, I had to have a speedy induction as well as a comfortable one to help those clients who only had their lunch hour to spare.

One thing I knew I didn't want was to have all 'technique' in my induction as many old types of inductions still use - for example, the arm bar, arm levitation, handshake, hand to face, hand clasp and shock inductions, just to name a few. In my opinion, these 'techniques' were intrusive and didn't take into account the mind and the emotions of different subjects. Yes, these techniques have worked very well for stage hypnosis - the more the stage hypnotist could 'show off' for the audience with these techniques, the better his or her show would be.

Also, these techniques could only work while the hypnotist is in the same room as the client. What if the client happens to be in another town (and cannot get to your office for whatever reason), state or even another country? Or what if the client doesn't like the idea of being hypnotized at all but needs the hypnotist to work with them anyway, using a different technique that "didn't feel like hypnosis"? I have even had elderly clients - in their 70s and 80s - who may have suffered from ailments such as arthritis, poor circulation or a weak heart, and in these cases as well many of the above techniques such as the handshake, arm bar or shock inductions just did not do.

When I developed the JOImethodTM, I took all of these scenarios into consideration. My induction is different because I consider myself more of a healer who just happens to use hypnosis as one of my tools - my favorite tool, yet, it is only one of the techniques in my toolbox.

The JOImethodTM hypnosis induction technique is for those practitioners who want to heal their clients. It allows the healer to comfortably place his or her clients into the deepest stages of trance within five minutes, which allows for 55 minutes of programming time in an hour-long session.

How does the JOImethodTM work?

The purpose of the JOImethodTM is for use during hypnotherapy sessions, and it serves to take the subject efficiently into the deepest stages of hypnosis. This hypnosis induction technique was designed to be effective with the most unresponsive or difficult of subjects.

The concept is to have one hypnosis induction that could be applied in every case with the general population.

In this induction technique, the subject would achieve the following in under five minutes: Age Regression (the past), Age Progression (the future), Hallucination (Visual and Auditory and in some cases Gustatory), Eye Closure (without the hypnotist asking), Hypersuggestiblity (Overload of the conscious mind), Time distortion, Deep relaxation of all muscles, Somnambulism (REM or Rapid Eye Movement), Coma State (total immobility and in most cases deep sleep) and Amnesia.

While the subject is in this deep stage of hypnosis, his or her subconscious mind is open to be programmed with his or her goals as discussed with the hypnotist prior to the session.

This hypnotherapy technique is never intrusive and as explained above, it eschews the use of "physical contact" as with many of the traditional techniques. The JOImethodTM enables the subject to maintain a relaxed position and can even be performed in a group setting. It is comprehensive enough to be used without actually looking at the subject or gazing into their eyes. The hypnotist's voice and tone are key elements and thus, it has proved successful in phone sessions (where the hypnotic subject is comfortably situated with a hands-free set). As long as the induction is performed properly and as per the instructions, the subject will go into deep trance and maintain this trance until the hypnotist has completed programming the client's goals.

The JOImethodTM is explained in detail and compared with NLP, Ericksonian, Elman and Traditional Hypnosis in John Owens' e-book Clinical Hypnosis: Why And How It Works which can be purchased through this website.