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Hypnotherapy Sessions: Creating Balance within the Mind-Body Connection

Peace, balance and harmony. Three simple words yet these states are so difficult to attain and enjoy in our busy lives. The many challenges we face may overshadow our internal peace. Any one negative thought, feeling, person, event, situation or environment may disrupt our balance. Malicious words, traumatic experiences, arguments, disagreements or disappointments may alter our harmony.

When our peace, balance and harmony are affected, we may experience a host of emotional issues such as: addiction, anger, anxiety, depression, fear/phobia, insomnia, low energy, obsessive thought, panic attack and broken relationships, among others.

When the mental and emotional pain happens (usual with a physical reaction), oftentimes we will do anything to escape these horrible feelings. We will medicate ourselves with our toxic thoughts, drugs, alcohol, junk foods, or just live an overall destructive or high risk lifestyle in hopes of some relief. In our many struggles to get out of the emotional tank, our confidence, self-esteem and overall belief in ourselves will take a huge hit, thus, affecting our outlook on life. Ultimately, we cease to be happy or even look for the fun in life. We shut down and shut off, crawl into our cocoon where we feel safe from the outside world. If this happens for any length of time, we begin to rationalize and normalize our behavior. Unfortunately, we are not the only ones who suffer; our family bears the brunt of our pain as well, sometimes living with us inside of our self-made prison.

To restore the peace, balance and harmony we once had or to instill what we never had, we must undergo a new process.

With hypnotherapy and coaching, I am able to help you change your life. I will take you out of the mental and emotional overload and then provide you the psychological and emotional tools you need to maintain and protect your internal peace.

If you are ready to take this journey, I am ready to help you change your life!

How effective is Hypnotherapy?
A survey of psychotherapy literature by noted psychologist Alfred A. Barrios, PhD revealed the following recovery rates:
Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions.
Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions.
Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions.
Source: American Health Magazine Alfred A Barrios, PhD, in Psychotherapy Magazine, v7n1, and in Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, and Practice, Spring 1970

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Hypnotherapy and Coaching are amazing tools which play an effective role in the achievement of personal and professional growth. The mind has the power of improving and changing whatever aspect of life one longs to transform or enhance. The books and services provided on this site are meant to provide insight, education, fulfilment and empowerment. Whether you are an experienced hypnotherapist aiming to add to your knowledge base, a novice who aspires to truly help others achieve mental and emotional health, or an individual who needs healing or wants to learn more about their mind and how to read others - there is something valuable on this site for you!

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