Are you Left Brain or Right Brain?

Left or Right Brain dominant - which are you? Select ONE statement each for numbers 1 ? 10 below. There is no right or wrong answer.

Left/Right Brain Profile

1. Choose one:
  1. I do very well at multi-tasking.
  2. I like to concentrate on one task at a time.
2. Choose one:
  1. I am spontaneous in my actions.
  2. I have to think things through before making a decision.
3. Choose one:
  1. I prefer to spend my leisure time reading.
  2. I prefer to spend my leisure time around people.
4. Choose one:
  1. I am good with remembering names.
  2. I am better with faces than names.
5. Choose one:
  1. I am more of a creative spirit.
  2. I am more of a technical person.
6. Choose one:
  1. I prefer the big picture when making my decision.
  2. I prefer all of the facts and little details when making my decision.
7. Choose one:
  1. In school, I prefer/ preferred Psychology over Math.
  2. In school, I prefer/ preferred Math over Psychology.
8. Choose one:
  1. I prefer going to a music concert.
  2. I prefer going to the library.
9. Choose one:
  1. I prefer to plan for a trip.
  2. I prefer to just take a trip without planning in advance.
10. Choose one:
  1. I prefer to put things in their proper place.
  2. I am comfortable with things being where they are even if they are not in their proper place.

1.A. Right 2.A. Right 3.A. Left
1.B. Left 2.B. Left 3.B. Right

4.A. Left 5.A. Right 6.A. Right
4.B. Right 5.B. Left 6.B. Left

7.A. Right 8.A. Right 9.A. Left
7.B. Left 8.B. Left 9.B. Right

10.A. Left
10.B. Right

Each answer is worth one point, out of a total of 10 points:

If you scored 3 to 7 points for Left and 3 to 7 points for Right ? Congratulations! You have achieved balance, or are on the right path to achieving balance between your left and right brain. This means that you are equally comfortable doing either left brain activity (problem solving tasks) and right brain activity (leisurely tasks).

However, if you scored 8 or more points in one area (Left or Right) ? You have a little work to do as you may need to attain a little more balance in your life.

If you scored 8 points for Left and 2 points for Right, it may mean that tend to be overly detail oriented and logical. Analysis paralysis may be hurting you ? this means that you analyze things so much that you paralyze yourself, which prevents you from moving forward and making a decision. Your stress will come from not relaxing and the lack of indulgence in right brain activities.

If you scored 8 points for Right and 2 points for Left, it may mean that you tend to be overly laid back and creative. Your laid back demeanor would turn into procrastination (the number one destroyer of success) causing your tasks to pile up on you. Stress will come from relaxing too much and not getting things done or doing things at the last minute.

If you would like to achieve more balance and success in your life, hypnotherapy is the number ONE way to go!

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