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Compare the JOImethod, a new Hypnotic Induction/ Healing Technique to NLP, as well as the traditional Hypnosis, Ericksonian & Dave Elman Techniques!

"CLINICAL HYPNOSIS: WHY AND HOW IT WORKS" A modern guide to inducing waking hypnosis, somnambulism, hypno-sleep and coma state in record time. Includes instructions on using the JOI Method? -an innovative hypnotic induction technique- and new information on the easiest and most effective ways to perform self-hypnosis

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Matt--Wales, UK

"...Great material! Effective approach based on sound principles...I am also a qualified hypnotherapist, kinesiologist and intuitive healer...your book [is] well written and [presents] an effective approach to deal with clients that could prove unresponsive to other traditional hypnotherapy approaches."
Jeff-Victoria, Australia

"...I had my wife under the first try. Now she asks for it to help sleep."
Scott-Warwickshire, UK

"Brilliant e-book! Many thanks from another hypnotherapist..."
Gina-Clwyd, UK

"I have bought your e-book and I found your JOI induction very usefull...thank you :)"
Vili Brence, CHT

"This book changed the way I would normally deal with people. As a sales person, my success on the job depends on my ability to convince others. This guy knows some things that could skyrocket my skills to a whole new level. I especially love the chapter about building rapport. Although this book talks about hypnosis in a clinical setting, there's still a lot to learn for someone like me. Wow!"
Joseph-New Hampshire, US

"It's interesting how many hypnotists tend to remember their first inductions. Mine was the JOI method. My subject had never been hypnotised before, and I had never hypnotised anyone before. I had no script in front of me, just the principles of the JOI method fixed in my mind. I did the induction, and it worked! My subject was catatonic in less than 5 minutes! You can imagine the euphoria, and the sense of pride that caused! And it was all thanks to this great E.book on Clinical Hypnosis, Why and How it works. "
Nathan Thomas, Keys To The Mind

"I'm going back in to purchase a couple more things, including the script for the induction. I'm working with a heroin addict who wants to be able to go on seboxin and stay clean but you have to have at least 24 hours free of heroin before you can take seboxin. The coma script that I bought from Jerry Kein just wasn't cutting it. I'm hoping that with what I learn from you, I'll be able to give her the 24 hours free of pain she needs. I'm certain that anything that can create the coma state would be more than invaluable to our work. Reading your books is exciting me so much because I'm a brain-study junkie and I could never get anyone to help me with those connections. Just talking about an abstract, intangible, model of a subconscious mind or conscious mind just didn't cut it for me. I knew that there were corollary's but I couldn't piece it together with my own knowledge. Thank you from the bottom of my little hypno heart. Great work. I hope you can sell lots of your book. We need it in this community. "
Susan French, www.hypno4success.com

" I do not doubt that John Owens is an excellent and effective hypnotist. His writing makes it clear that he is dedicated to doing a great job for his clients. [Although] Owens did not invent revivification, age regression, age progression, overload, progressive muscle relaxation, embedded commands, he does combine them elegantly, showing virtuoso talent as a hypnotist. I'm looking forward to adapting his induction to my arsenal of tools. His chapter on sabotaging hypnosis truly shines. His approach to using both direct and indirect suggestions warms my heart, as does his extensive use of pleasant memories in his induction. Some readers have expressed enthusiasm for his chapter on brain function. He does an excellent job spelling out how and why his induction works, and as I stated before, the JOI Method is an elegantly combined cocktail of trance-inducing techniques."
James H

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What this book covers:

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You don't have to be a hypnotherapist to benefit from the information in this book. If you work with people on a daily basis, or if your business or profession depends on interactions with people, then this book is a must-have!!!

An incredible opportunity - you will be able to compare the JOImethod, a new hypnotic induction/ healing technique to NLP, as well as the traditional hypnosis, Ericksonian & Dave Elman techniques!

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Most hypnosis courses out there will cost you anywhere from $1000 to $3000, $5000, even $6000! also, many books will give you snippets of information that you have to put together by building yourself an entire library! "Clinical Hypnosis: Why and How it works" puts everything - all the information you are going to need to be successful with hypnosis - in one, great, unique ebook.

Furthermore, the information and techniques explained in this ebook are something you will not find anywhere else - guaranteed! The JOImethod is designed by its nature to put a person in the deepest levels of trance imaginable, if desired, even over the telephone!

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I know I was always fascinated by the incredible powers wielded by the mind. With the mind, I discovered, all things are possible! Since I was a kid and came across my first psychology book, I have been wondering how this amazing human mind works. As an adult, my interest didn't diminish, only increased. One day a few years ago, I went to a stage hypnosis/ magic show with a few colleagues. I figured I'd take a break from the long grind and hit a couple of beers with the guys. Plus, I really was interested in watching the show. I wasn't yet sure if i believed that anybody could be hypnotized at all, but what the heck. I was ready to go with an open mind. Suffice it to say - and don't ask me how - I ended up on stage as one of the volunteers. Much of what happened is a blur to this day, but I ended up leaving the stage without my watch and my wallet. What fascinated me was that the guy wasn't doing any magic tricks. I don't even remember him being within 3 feet of me!!!

I can say i'm not sure what happened that day, but I do know that my interest became much more serious since then. I wanted to be a clinical hypnotherapist, however, not a stage hypnotist. I wanted to heal people. so I spent years reading all there was to read about hypnosis - and there's quite a bit of literature around! I even studied hypnosis and chose hypnotherapy for my profession. there was, however, one problem that I encountered. all the literature was outdated! yes - all of it! many authors would call it by any other name except "hypnosis". even many of the new hypnosis books on the market quote the work of hypnotists who lived 20, 30, 50, even 200 years ago!!!! also - most hypnotists will tell you that not everybody is hypnotizable! after studying the brain for so long, I knew this was nonsense!!!! so let me share something with you - if you have a brain, then you can be hypnotized. it's as simple as that! I kept studying and experimenting with several techniques...it took years of hard work, research, trial and error, but it finally hit me. I do give credit to the past founders and researchers in the field of hypnosis - but this book, above all, contains a new, never before seen induction technique perfected through years of study. today, there is not one client that I have had that won't fall in the deepest levels of trance when I use my very simple technique. I have successfuly hypnotized 100% of my clients since I had my epiphany.

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CLINICAL HYPNOSIS: WHY AND HOW IT WORKS is an ideal read for anyone who wishes to learn new ways in which to help and positively influence people, and above all, it is intended to be a great reference guide for all therapists who have chosen or wish to embrace hypnosis in their practice. It is literally LOADED WITH PRACTICAL INFORMATION!

You don't have to be in the hypnotherapy business to benefit from the information in this book. If you are in a profession which puts you in close contact with people; if you know of someone who needs your help to get on the right track - whether you are a friend, family member or in a helping/ medical profession; if you wish to end somebody's pain and grief or constructively deal with negative behavior -- in all these cases and more, this e-book will provide you with fresh and practical insights into the mysteries of the mind and how to fight bad programming.

DOWNLOAD NOW - a WEALTH OF PRICELESS INFORMATION for only $16.95 - an unbeatable price - you will learn: new secrets about hypnosis; a thorough description and comparison between the never before seen JOImethod? (a hypnotic induction method devised and successfully applied in multiple cases and scenarios by the author) and other techniques; easy to follow instructions on how to induce different levels of hypnosis - waking hypnosis, somnambulism, hypno-sleep and the coma state; as well as the most effective ways to induce self-hypnosis.

TO ALL THERAPISTS - If you want to find out how to induce the deepest levels of trance in all subjects (yes, ALL subjects!) in record time, then you MUST have a copy of this book in your reference library! Despite what you may have read in the past, you can hypnotize ANYBODY - even the most difficult of subjects - within minutes, by using this easy and 100% effective technique.

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What this book covers:

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