When I first started practicing back in 2000, I considered myself a hypnotherapist like many others that have traveled this path. But shortly after I began working with various people, I found that my 20 years of studying the human mind, behavior and personality took a different turn ? rather than simply seeking to break nasty habits, I realized my clients needed more? they needed to be healed on a mental and emotional level. Many of their issues stemmed from their background, usually from a time long past ? after which healing never came. Often I came as a last resort: before they got to me, they would have tried it all but could not seem to ?get off the sofa? and live a productive life.

I found that one?s rocky family history can wreak havoc and turmoil in one?s adult life ? on so many levels. And until many of these issues are resolved on an emotional level, the albatross around one?s neck will become heavier although one has tried to rationalize ?it? away.

Even though I diligently studied everything I could from the hypnotherapy school I attended, I found that the books, lessons and instruction came up short in the end for what I needed to do. Therefore, I had to develop my own style to help me help my clients find fulfillment on a mental and emotional level ? and this style resulted in the JOImethod?.

So, I started working with people using this method, which evolved over time according to my clients? needs. Once they healed mentally and emotionally, the nasty little habits they hoarded fizzled away because they were usually held intact by something out of their history.

With the JOImethod?, I have been able to allow my clients to live the productive life that they desire by healing them both on a conscious and subconscious level, and guiding them toward achieving their true potential.

Today, as healer, I have expanded my practice on two continents. My first book, Clinical Hypnosis: Why and How It Works has sold copies on six continents. As of 2010, my method of healing has culminated in my becoming a consultant seeing clients in three pharmacies, a private spa, a spiritual center, a wellness center in a five star hotel, and at the various establishments owned by the prestigious St. James Hospital Group in Malta.

In January 2011, I was invited to be a guest speaker at the 2nd Meeting of the Maltese Cardiac Society, which took place at the Dolmen Hotel in Qawra, Malta. My presentation, Hypnotherapy and Smoking Cessation, was favourably received by the specialist medical community. And from July to September 2011, I was invited on the NET TV show, Kaxxa Jan, to talk about how hypnotherapy works with various emotional issues.