Perception: how we actually see ourselves may cause internal havoc and turmoil. It may cause a small or thin woman who is on the brink of anorexia to see herself as a large woman. It may cause a great athlete to doubt him or herself in a big game. It may cause a "normal" thinking person to see him/herself as abnormal. It may cause a very attractive woman to see herself as unattractive. It may cause a healthy person to see him/herself as unhealthy. It may cause destruction from jealousy and possessiveness in an otherwise loving relationship. Perception may confuse us to the point where our conscious mind and emotions are out of control. Hypnotherapy may bring into focus what really exists and what we can become instead of the false perception of the "out of control" conscious mind. Hypnosis can heal distorted perceptions and put you on the right track towards mental and emotional health!

There are so many chemicals (stress, hormones, growth,) that we harbor and we experience them in different life situations (related to our relationships, environment, career, etc?) that together may take over the mind, body and emotions to a point that can cause us to lose control, confidence, self esteem and to become too self critical. When such an event happens, negative thoughts and emotions may dominate us, thus affecting our physical well being and taking us away from being at ?the top of our game?.

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy by 'getting in our own way' and sabotaging our own success. We oftentimes think so much that it causes us to go into analysis paralysis where we are actually 'paralyzed' and cannot move forward towards our goal. At Hypnotherapy4Health, we deliver an integrated mind/body approach through the power of hypnosis to help you look, feel and be the best you can be.

It is now widely known that the American Medical Association (AMA) has officially recognized hypnosis as a valuable and beneficial treatment as applied and used since 1958. Hypnotherapy can be instrumental in creating the perfect balance in the mind-body connection. Hypnotherapy helps people achieve their potential both personally and professionally, break their habits, lose weight, stop smoking, reduce the stress of public speaking/performing, eliminate their anxiety, fears, and phobias, enhance their performance (sports/talent), and improve their relationships. Hypnotherapy will assist you in your personal and professional growth and fulfillment by improving and changing whatever aspect of your life you are longing to transform. Hypnotherapy is a tool towards your fulfillment as a complete human being, towards the achievement of mental and emotional health, and empowerment.

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